Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Touch of The Master's Hand

My entry today will be short. I'm have so many sweet experiences this week. I can't write about them all though. I do however, want to take a couple of minutes and share some feelings I've had in my heart.

I've been thinking a lot this week about the phrase "the touch of the master's hand." Many of us have heard the poem with that title about how the old violin came to life under the touch of the master's hand. In this case the master is a superb violinist. We've also heard the follow on poem about the touch of another master's hand--the Master, meaning Christ. It is his touch I've been contemplating.

I've felt the Master's touch this week. I've felt it through the hand of my eighteen month old son. I couldn't understand where he wanted to go the other morning. I finally said, "show me, my Joey boy, where you want to go." To my amazement, he reached up with his tiny hand and took two of my fingers. With my fingers in tow, he lead me through the kitchen, to the hallway, and all the way up the stairs to our bedroom door. I opened the door, and he made a beeline straight to mommy.

You may be thinking, "Okay, what's so special about that?" Nothing really, except the feeling that came with him leading me. I couldn't help thinking of the phrase, "and a little child shall lead them." My heart warmed within me with that thought. Then another thought came about how sometimes Heavenly Father, though he always understands what we want or need, sometimes asks us, "what do you want me to do for you?", as he did with the brother of Jared. That thought was an answer to a prayer for me as I had been praying a lot about some important career decisions. I felt as if the Lord was saying the same thing to me--that he wanted me to show him where I want to go, and, like I was there to open the door for my boy, he will be there to open the door (or doors) for me. When these thoughts filled my mind, a calming peace, like a warm caress from heaven, settled over me and I knew what I need to do.
My heart was full of gratitude as I was reminded once again of God's awareness of me and of my and my family's needs.

It's late now, and my entry isn't short like I said it would be. Stay tuned for more, as I still have lots to say on the subject.

Friday, 13 June 2008

My Picture on His Dresser

It being Father's day, I've had cause to consider the blessing I have of being a father. I have four beautiful children and there's nothing I wouldn't do, within reason of course, to ensure their health and happiness. Each of them is a blessing to me and I marvel that Heavenly Father would love my wife and I enough and trust us enough to send these precious spirits to our home. How great is our responsibility to raise these children in righteousness. How great is my responsibility to keep myself worthy to exercise the priesthood in their behalf.

As I contemplate my fatherly obligations, it seems almost overwhelming. Thank goodness for marriage and a wonderful companion. Still, even with an angel like my wife by my side supporting me, I feel my weakness. I feel so inadequate and I find myself asking, How can I, as weak and lacking in talent as I am, possibly fulfill all my duties as a father?

Yet lately, in those moments of self-doubt, I can't help but remember an article by President Monson entitled, The Peril of Hidden Wedges, in the July 2007 Ensign. In the article President Monson tells the story of a religious leader visiting a dying woman. The woman feels as if she is lost--that in her life she has done nothing but ruin the lives of those around her. The man notices a picture on the woman's dresser of a lovely young lady. He asks the woman who it is and in reply she states that it is her daughter, the one beautiful thing in her life. The leader then asks the women pointed questions about what she would do for her daughter. The woman responds by stating she would do anything for her daughter. Then the powerful truth is given when the religious leader says "figuratively speaking, Heavenly Father has a picture of you on His dresser. He loves you and will help you. Call upon Him.”

I've always had a testimony that God loves me and knows me. Nevertheless, the image created in my mind by that wonderful story brings the point home with power. I can't think of it and not feel empowered and full of faith. How can I doubt my success with my sweetheart, four loving children, and God on my side? I feel to shout hooray for that wonderful knowledge! How does it make you feel? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Write From My Heart

I've created this blog as a place for me to write from my heart. Hence the name - I'm an aspiring LDS author and am excited to be working toward getting something published. This site is specifically for me to write about what ever I'm thinking about - a place to create, a place to purge. I've also created another blog called It's a site specifically created for aspiring LDS authors. I'm learning a lot this is where I hope to share what I'm learning, and hoping that other aspiring authors will share with me. Stop by and let me know what you think.