Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dust and Cobwebs

It's been so long since I got on here that I hardly recognized my shelves for all the dust and cobwebs. It's amazing how life events can either keep us from doing the things we want, or we allow ourselves to use them as an excuse for not doing what we should. Unfortunately, too often, I fall into the latter category. I've now been invited to be an author on and will be making regular contributions there. I found however, that all of the other authors have a link to their blogs. Well, I have several blogs and I've not been super regular about writing on any of them. If I'm going to have a link to my blog, my regularity in writing has to become, well, more regular.

My goal is to post here at least twice a week, and more if time permits. I'm a husband and a father and my life revolves around my family, so the majority of my posts will relate to them or some experience I've had with them. Don't be surprised, however, when other topics, some of them a bit politically charged (in courteous and professional tones of course) pop up from time to time.

I invite you to stop by each week to see what's new, and leave a comment or two.

Have a happy Saturday.

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